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Botas deportivas

Botas deportivas

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Nuestras notas

No hemos cambiado mucho nuestras zapatillas desde que se lanzaron por primera vez en 2016.

Como la mayoría de los modelos de nuestra colección permanente, acabamos de realizar ajustes y modificaciones a lo largo del camino para convertirlas en las mejores botas deportivas veganas que sabemos.

Tener una colección permanente nos permite perfeccionar nuestro calzado, complementos y ropa. Trabajamos para hacerlos más cómodos, actualizarlos con los últimos materiales veganos sostenibles a medida que estén disponibles y trabajar para que duren el mayor tiempo posible.

La última actualización que hemos realizado en estas botas deportivas es en los forros.

Ahora están forrados con nuestro característico Tencel™ gris de dos tonos y tejido de algodón orgánico.

Es muy suave al tacto y se permite usar calcetines o no. Los forros ayudan a que el aire circule y absorben la humedad manteniendo los pies secos e higiénicos.

Otra cosa es que las suelas de goma color canela en la parte inferior ahora tienen contenido reciclado. Verás esto en las motas de material que contienen.

Aparte de eso, nada ha cambiado.

Mismas costuras laterales en las suelas. Los mismos detalles de costuras en toda la parte superior. Las mismas plantillas blandas y profundas con contenido reciclado. El mismo ajuste cómodo con tobillos acolchados y de apoyo. La misma atención al detalle que puede esperar de WVS, desde las puntas de los cordones metálicos hasta los cordones súper resistentes hechos de poliéster reciclado y el relieve de WVS en el salón y en el exterior para terminar.

  • Confeccionado en cuero vegano italiano elaborado con un 69 % de contenido de origen biológico.
  • Suelas de goma cosidas en las paredes laterales flexibles, con agarre y duraderas con contenido reciclado. Verás esto en las motas de material que contienen.
  • Plantillas profundas y blandas hechas con contenido reciclado.
  • Forrado con nuestro característico Tencel™ gris de dos tonos y tejido de algodón orgánico. Es muy suave al tacto y permite usar calcetines o no. Los forros ayudan a que el aire circule y absorben la humedad manteniendo los pies secos e higiénicos.
  • Tobillos acolchados cómodos y de apoyo.
  • Cordones resistentes fabricados con poliéster reciclado con puntas de encaje recicladas.

    Ética y Sostenibilidad

    Este producto está certificado como carbono neutro.

    Se entrega a través de nuestra cadena de suministro neutra en carbono en envases de papel y cartón.

    Puedes devolverlo gratis durante 365 días con nuestro servicio de devoluciones sin papel y carbono neutro

    Utilice nuestro servicio de devolución para reciclar cuando este producto esté al final de su vida útil.

    Siempre y para siempre vegano

    Hecho en Portugal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Zoe P. (United Kingdom)
    Comfortable and stylish

    These boots have been comfortable from the start, and I love the padded ankles and comfy jersey lining. I’ve worn them on rainy walks to and from work with no water getting in, and think they look very stylish. My only complaint is that the size 39 seems too long and I feel like there’s way too much space at the toes. This is a problem I’ve also had with one other pair of Will’s boots that I bought this winter, though I have an older pair of Will’s aviator boots and a couple of pairs of sneakers in size 39 and they fit perfectly. If I were buying these boots again, I’d definitely try the 38, though as they seem like they’re going to last and last I’ll just have to hope that they’re released in a different colour to give me the excuse! I’d definitely buy them in the tan colour that I already have a pair of Will’s smart sneakers in.

    Luna (Canada)
    Looks great, feels great

    Liked the design of them and at first was a bit skeptical of how they would fit, but I ordered true to size and honestly I cannot be more in love with these shoes. I was looking for something of this specific style and I found exactly what I was looking for. Extremely comfortable and well built!

    Nina E. (United States)
    Please forgive my last review. I ordered a different size.

    I had an email exchange with Aarti and would like to thank him for the great customer service.
    I had thought back and forth about whether I should order the same shoes a size smaller. I'm usually an 8-8.5 in shoes. Adidas / Nike / Barefootshoes.
    When I had the sneakers in size 8 here, my little toes hurt and my upper left foot hurt as soon as the material started to get bend. I had a fair amount of space at the front and even with thicker socks the shoes weren't comfortable. Well I blamed the shoes. Hey, at least we know that the industry outside mass-produces clothing and shoes and the main thing is that they get everything sold. I don't feel like ordering cheap goods. Spending my money on clothes I don't like. Or go to stores that sell cheap goods to save money.
    But I needed a pair of sneakers and went to the Adidas website. I ordered a few and sent them back too. I felt the seam on my big toe and it was very uncomfortable. Then the sneakers came from Will's vegan store and I was unhappy with them too.
    Then I ordered the Wills´sneakers a size smaller, but of course it took a while until they got here and a few others from Adidas have since arrived.
    As soon as I walked with them, I felt friction at the back of the heels and the soles of my feet hurt. My God, this can't all be true. Normally I haven't had any problems with Adidas. But I've become a fan of barefoot shoes because they're foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped. I've been walking around in them all the time for the last 8 months. Even in the gym I only wear them because they are so light and extremely comfortable. I've gotten so used to the fact that my toes are no longer squashed and I have a lot of space in the shoes. Above all, I wanted a straight sole.
    But I needed some for winter and saw the London Style from Will's Vegan Store and thought they were pretty stylish. Aarti said I should give the sneakers a chance because I won't regret it. So should I go to a size 7?
    I couldn't imagine that they would fit.
    They arrived a few days ago, I tried them on and and they fit like a glove.
    I walked around outside for a bit today and finally I'm in love with them :-D. Yes, they feel great and I think the shoes are very well made.
    So, please forgive my review below.
    What did I learn from it? My ego was too fast !

    Nina E. (United States)
    Stylish, but........

    I've worn them a few times now, and my feet don't feel comfortable in the shoes yet. When I roll my left foot, the surface where my toes start hurts a lot. The material of the shoes is not really soft. I can't walk barefoot in them because I can feel the seam on my big toe on my right foot. I think it's a material mistake. My little toes on both feet also hurt a bit whe walking. I also put on socks, and things are a little better.
    But I think the shoes are very stylish and look great.
    But our shoe world is so full of shoes that are not always tailored to all of our feet. I have worn many and have been very spoiled since I found out about
    I don't wear anything else in the gym and I wear them most of the time outside. But I wanted to try others again and ordered the sneakers. I don't know what I'm doing yet. Give them a chance or send them back.

    B. (Spain)
    Love them!!!

    Nice and comfortable. Usually buy size 37, but with these boots, had to get 36. Not worn them in the rain yet, but I guess they will keep my feet dry and warm.