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These are lovely and comfortable

These are great! Cute and comfortable! I can't wait to take em for a hike

Soooo soft and comfortable, they’re so low profile on the foot and the quality is just beautiful, another perfect product from WVS!

Signature Derbys
MG (The Netherlands)
Geweldige schoenen!

Het is altijd een uitdaging om goedzittende nette schoenen te vinden als je brede voeten hebt en niet 2 meter lang bent - maar deze schoenen zitten uitstekend en zien er heel stijlvol uit! En dan ook nog vegan, what a treat!

Goodyear Welt Derbys
Michael K. (United States)
Great shoes

Really nice looking shoes. I also have the Brogue boots and the fit on the Derbys is a bit more snug so they may be worth sizing up a size.

Classic 3cm Belt
Michael K. (United States)

Nice classic belt. Looks great

Western Boots
Nicolas B. (United States)

Need a little time to break in an a insole go a long way

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Alicia W. (New Zealand)

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots

Very disappointed

I got the Chicago Low Tops years ago (black) and these have been my absolute favourites. Comfortable and durable. I decided to buy another pair, but the white version. I am gutted to say this but the poor finishing was appalling. Yellow glue everywhere. I am now returning them. Please do review this, I used to recommend Wills Vegan Shoes but I don't feel confident doing this now. :(

Excellent boot.

I wore these boots on an Arctic wildlife holiday recently They were comfortable, warm and waterproof. I would recommend them.

4cm Jeans Belt
Eric R. (Canada)

The belt looks very good and feels nice. I was initially very please with my purchase.

However, after using it for about two weeks with minimal use, there are already a bunch of bizarre creases and marks.

I am upset that this will not hold up long term given the price.

Low Rig Boots
DEREK M. (United States)

Low Rig Boots

Toe Peg Footbed Sandals
Andrew C. (United States)
Could use a size adjustment

These sandals are great except for their sizing; the width/length is true to shoe size, but the peg & straps are too tall; even with the buckle at the narrowest punch, there's still about 1cm of distance between my foot and the strap. This makes them shift around a lot while walking, and they are not very secure.

Slim Soles
Zack K. (United States)
They look great!

Keep in mind they look very slim, especially in larger sizes. But the quality and overall look is on point. I'd definitely buy from Will's again. So thankful to have found a brand with such a vast number of Vegan leather options.

WVSport Waterproof Walking Boots
JJ D.V. (The Netherlands)
Super shoes

I’m very happy with them. Good quality nice price.

Laufsohle Loafers

Aviator 2 Boots
Susana B.G. (Spain)

Great boots, not only for aviators

WVSport Active Sandals
Ella W. (United States)
Really comfortable!

I’ve had these sandals for a couple months now, and so far they’ve been amazing. There is pilling on the footbed where my feet rub as I walk, but it in no way interferes with the function of the shoes or makes them uncomfortable. As I’ve worn them more, the pilling is slowly going away. I think it’s just extra fibers coming off. I’m very impressed with these shoes in general, and the soles are amazing. They have amazing grip. I am never worried about slipping or avoiding walking through anything with these shoes. They’re so comfortable; they’re the most comfortable sandals I have ever had the pleasure of owning. They’re very sturdy and the straps hold my feet in very well. They absorb the shock of my feet coming down on the concrete very well. I walk about a mile in them almost every day. Even though my feet have rubbed in them, the material is so soft that I’ve never experienced any blisters or discomfort. I hope wills never stops making these!

Stephanie K. (Germany)
Lieblings-Stiefel ❤️

Ich liebe den lässigen und doch classy Look. Gleichzeitig sind sie super bequem und hochwertig verarbeitet! Absolute Lieblings-Stiefel ❤️

Work Boots
Anna B. (United Kingdom)

I've had these boots for almost 2 years but I've only worn them a handful of times. They are really narrow and uncomfortable. The material is quite stiff and feels similar quality to supermarket vegan PU leather shoes you can buy for under £20. The sole is hard, not nice to walk on, and lets water in very quickly when it's wet outside (which in Scotland is all the time, even when it's not raining). So after a few short walks I delegated them to be my "nice shoes" for when I have to wear a dress or something. Unfortunately, after another wear or two, they developed a hole on the upper, near the toe bend. They are definitely not "built to last you years". I would say the total number of days I spent wearing them was maybe 10-15, scattered over a few months... Now they are too broken to donate or wear as nice shoes, but too uncomfortable and leaky to wear day to day, for dog walks and such. They have just been sitting on the shelf for like a year. I should have gone with my initial gut reaction and return them before it was too late, but I wanted to give them a chance. It's disappointing because my previous boots from Will's were amazing (Dock Boots), I've worn them pretty much every day for 2 autumn-winter seasons and they were comfy and indestructible. These, unfortunately, are the opposite.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Laura B. (United States)
New Hiking Boots!

I purchased Will's Vegan Sport Waterproof Hiking Boots. As an avid thru-hiker and backpacker, I've tried dozens of vegan hiking boots and have never been satisfied. So far, I'm loving these boots from Will's Vegan. They look like a traditional leather boot and function just like one too. My feet are totally dry trekking through dewy grass and small creeks. The boots are comfortable and provide ample support and traction. I haven't put these boots to the test on a thru-hike yet (my last thru-hike was over 1100 miles), though they proved their worth on a few weekend trips with ~10 mile days. Finally happy with a hiking boot purchase!!!

Goodyear Welt Oxfords
Julian B. (Germany)

Eine gute Qualität und sie sitzen super.

Track Sole Loafers
Malek B. (France)

Track Sole Loafers

Waterproof Chelsea Boots
M.H. (United Kingdom)
Another Wonderful Product From WVS

Shoe is a timeless classic. I went for Dark Brown as its the obvious choice and it compliments most outfits. On a very sunny day they can be quite warm on your feet but they aren't necessarily built for the heights of summer. These are more a transitional pair for Spring / Autumn.

They are quite firm in their shape, meaning they will retain the shape and form for ages but the caveat to this is they can be somewhat strict to get into. Plus they are narrower than most shoes so you're probably better off going one size up. This gives your ankle and lower leg a little more room but your feet should fit comfortably without any friction or rubbing. Worst case try it and if it is too big simply swap it out because the service for WVS is superb.

The Derby
Dr H. (Canada)

Love the look. Comfy & fun. Fantastic to wear all day
Ordered a 7 as there is no 6 1/2. Had to add some heel pads, shoes come off otherwise when walking fast😆